Brian’s G-Netik 5.0 Goalie Pad Preview

New for 2014, The G-Netik 5.0 from Brian’s is designed and modeled after the popular G-Netik Pro line. This new series uses the same technology and 90% of the same materials as the G-Netik Pro but comes in at a much more affordable price. Brian’s was able to accomplish this impressive pad through the use of advanced new manufacturing strategies that offer the same high-quality result at reduced costs.

Brian's G-Netik 5.0 Leg Pads

There is a lot to love about the G-Netik 5.0 series, so let’s dive right in.

G-Netik 5.0 Leg Pads

When we first opened the box containing the G-Netik 5.0 Leg pads here at the Pure Goalie offices we were immediately impressed. Both the build quality and materials are what you would expect to get in a top-tier pro pad, and certainly exceeded our expectations for a pad at this price point. One of the first things we noticed was the surprisingly low weight. Brian’s was able to accomplish this by reinforcing the thigh-guard with new materials that are slimmer and lighter, but still offer the same coverage for a perfect seal.

As far as features go, you will be hard-pressed to find a more impressive offering. Brian’s used internal knee rolls, a double knee break and a 3-3-3 flex system to help maintain structure while offering the flexibility required by modern goaltenders. The G-Netik 5.0 pads use the Knee Wrap system that was made popular on the G-Netik Pro last season, which holds your knee firmly in place so that your pads can move as quickly as you do. The Knee Wrap system is also designed to be compatible with the larger knee guards that modern goaltenders are wearing.

The G-Netik 5.0 pads comes with the Smart Strap system, but is also compatible with the Conventional system so that you can customize the fit to meet your needs.

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G-Netik 5.0 Glove

Immediately you notice the huge, double-T pocket with reinforced webbing which looks incredibly deep thanks to a steep thumb angle that will help trap the puck in the back of the glove. On the exterior of the palm the G-Netik 5.0 glove features beefed-up pro padding for extra protection to reduce stingers. Even with the extra padding, Brian’s ensured you will be able to close the glove tight by using a natural 35 degree “thumb to forefinger” break and keeping the additional away from the seam.

Inside the G-Netik 5.0 glove you will find Brian’s X-Static interior, a cutting edge liner that features a no slip grip. The X-Static technology was designed to minimize bacteria in an effort to reduce smell over time. On the back of the wrist a 360 degree wrist wrap covers your wrist, but still offers impressive mobility. Getting the glove squared up to the shooter should be easy and comfortable. The wrist wrap also features adjustable straps for a secure, snug fit.

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G-Netik 5.0 Blocker

The G-Netik 5.0 blocker is a bit unique itself, as you will notice that the board is placed 1″ lower on the hand than normal. Although there may be a short adjustment period, ultimately it will increase your ability to reach for the puck in those tricky areas. The board is also a bit thicker, which pairs nicely with the optional padding between the hand and the sidewall to provide extra protection.

To ensure that you can get the blocker into the right position at any angle Brian’s equipped the G-Netik 5.0 blocker with a segmented cuff on the arm opening that allows for a full range of motion. Inside the G-Netik 5.0 blocker shares many features with the 5.0 glove including the X-Static anti-bacterial liner and No Slip Grip.

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G-Netik 5.0 and G-Netik Pro Compared

On the outside it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between the new G-Netik 5.0 series gear and the G-Netik Pro series from last season. This speaks wonders to Brian’s ability to produce a more affordable high-performance pad. However, there are three minor differences worth noting:

Weight: The G-Netik Pro uses a more expensive E-Foam on the interior that reduces the weight slightly.

Manufacturing Location: Rather than being hand-made in Canada like the Pro, the 5.0 is manufactured in the Philippines and shipped to North America for quality control testing.

Price: The G-Netik 5.0 is significantly less expensive than the Pro line, which is made possible by the changes listed above.

Brian’s G-Netik Pro Brian’s G-Netik 5.0
 Pads  $1599.99  $849.99
 Glove  $469.99  $299.99
 Blocker  $329.99  $229.99

Although the G-Netik Pro offers more performance and a lighter weight, we were very impressed with the G-Netik 5.0 line. This selection of gear offers the perfect opportunity for more players to take advantage of the latest in goaltending gear without breaking the bank.

What do you think? Have you used the Brian’s G-Netik 5.0 or Pro Gear? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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