Bauer Supreme TotalOne NXG Pads

For the 2014 season Bauer has stepped up their game at the top end of the goalie equipment spectrum. This season’s premier offering, the Supreme TotalOne NXG lineup, includes a number of exciting new features and technologies, many of which are designed specifically for butterfly goaltenders.

Supreme TotalOne NXG Pads

The exterior of the TotalOne NXG pads feature a completely flat face and a triangular edge roll to reduce weight and create predictable bounces on rebounds. This is similar to what was found in the previous TotalOne model, and was brought back due to popular demand. The most notable new features can be found on the back of the pad especially in the leg channel. Bauer added a new TOTALseal knee construction, which moves the landing block closer to the knee. This shortened distance ensures quick transitions down into the butterfly and more control over the pad.

Overall stiffness has been increased in the new TotalOne NXG pads through the use of the new Regulated Flex breaks in the knee region. Despite the removal of the MyFlex System, this new system ensures that the pads will bend exactly where they are expected to. Side-to-side (twisting) stiffness has also been increased to prevent excess wear on the body of the pad due to frequent transitions between standing and the butterfly position. One area where stiffness was sacrificed a bit (for the best) is in the ankle area (for front-to-back motion) to ensure that any goaltender can generate deep thrusting angles for explosive movement around the crease.

Although the landing block is closer to the knee the leg channel is still relatively wide and shallow to ensure there is plenty of flexibility for comfortable movement when sliding across the ice. The inside edge of the pad has been slimmed and a hard HD foam has been added to ensure a complete, gap-less seal with the ice.

Supreme TotalOne NXG Glove

The TotalOne NXG glove features an all new technology; a Bauer Curv Composite Reinforced Palm. The feature uses a compression-molded composite palm base which is covered with EVA foam. This foam dampens the impact to protect from stingers while the specially curved composite insert guides pucks into the new, slightly larger pocket. The EVA foam also features a number of minor breaks in order to maintain exceptional flexibility and to avoid interference with the glove closure.

Inside the TotalOne NXG glove is a new Nash palm liner and finger gussets to prevent slippage for the quickest pocket closure possible. Moving around to the back of the glove there is a secure closure system with straps at the wrist, backhand and fingers. These three straps work together to provide a secure and snug fit for all hand shapes and sizes. Outside there is 3D Vent Armour foam to protect the wrist and fingers when covering the puck on the ice. The special honeycomb shape of the foam allows for unparalleled ventilation to reduce drying time in the fingers and palm.

Supreme TotalOne NXG Blocker

The most apparent new feature of the TotalOne NXG blocker is a thinner blocker board which measures in at just 1.3 inches. This new size allows for improved balance and a great overall feel on the hand. If you are concerned about reduced protection, fear not! Bauer used an EPP dual foam construction to maintain protection with this new, slimmer shape.

Because of the reduced board weight Bauer was able to beef up the protection on the interior of the hand. A huge HD foam shield provides extensive hand and forefinger protection that should guard well in any position. Compared to the TotalOne blocker, the NXG seems to have increased flexibility in the fingers and thumb without sacrificing any protection. For added grip, the TotalOne NXG blocker has a soft, cushioned Nash palm with vented gussets to ensure prompt drying.

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What do you think about the new Supreme TotalOne NXG gear? Let us know in the comments!

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